【Overall Purpose】

The Taiwan Country Manager (TCM) is responsible for reviewing, designing and implementing business operations to maximize the returns for the business. In addition, the TCM will promulgate policies that promote the company’s culture and vision and take charge of ensuring that all day to day operations of the company, and the work of the executives, are focused on ensuring the operational goals are being met within the cultural framework.
主要職責為台灣區經理負責業務運營,以提高業績目標為職責。 此外,台灣區經理將整合公司文化和願景,並負責確保公司的日常運營和部門主管工作接在目標與軌道中

【Job Summary】

◆ Area: Taiwan
◆ Overseas study to universities and schools is the core “product” focus of the group. Operations should be geared to ensuring the continued success of this core aspect of the business as measured by agreed targets.
◆ Exhibitions and marketing are key parts of the operation that drive the business. These should be considered vital parts of the ongoing operational success of the business. Key indicators will be used to measure success in this area.
◆ English language teaching facilities are a key driver of customers and as such, should be considered a key component of the product mix

【Job scope】
● Ultimate accountability for:
The leadership, strategy, staffing, management, profitability and/or sustainability of the following offices/departments:

◆ Overseas Study Offices: Taipei Area
◆ Language Schools: Taipei Area
◆ Events and Outreach: Taipei Area and island wide as assigned
◆ Human Resources:Taipei Area and island wide as assigned
◆ Document Editing: Taipei Area and island wide as assigned 

- Experience of management experience


Depends on experience

Start Date:
- As soon as possible.

- The company offers extensive professional training and development opportunities.
- Global job rotation opportunity

【The ideal candidate】

Behavioural Competencies
◆  Leadership
◆  Strategies experience 
◆ Good at communication
◆ Be self-motivated and a good team-player.
◆ High energy levels, able to handle pressure
◆ Numerate and computer literate. 
◆ Enthusiastic 
◆ Chinese native speaker

【Educational Background】

◆ Worked in the overseas education recruitment sector for a minimum of three years is essential with strong knowledge of the UK university sector preferred.
◆ Demonstrable competence in strategic planning and business development.
◆ Previous track record in operations management or other relevant role.

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