Student Success Manager

Job Description

This position will be responsible for enrolling, starting, and advising a cohort of students who are interested in undergraduate and graduate programs. This position advises and guides prospective students through the enrollment process, course selection, and programs and provides guidance and advice as the student matriculates through their respective program to graduation.  

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Advise and guide prospective students regarding career and specific program interest. This includes advising students in all matters relating to the achievement of the desired outcome of graduation.
  • Assist the prospective student through the enrollment process specific to the program identified. 
  • Responsible for all aspects of onboarding enrolled students; providing students with financial guidance as it relates to funding for the program from enrollment through graduation.
  • Provide personalized service to advise and support the student, nurture a healthy relationship, and continually re-verify alignment of career goals with degree outcomes.
  • Orient students with regard to admissions and catalog requirements, academic policies, registration procedures, student resources, programs that will help support the student in being self- sufficient in making proper class and elective selections.
  • Service a cohort of students while meeting predetermined student metric requirements.
  • Encourage and foster students to progress through the next enhanced degree.
  • Adhere to State and Federal regulations, FERPA, and Kaplan Compliance Standards.
  • Adhere to continued school-specific programmatic training.
  • Provide stellar student experience throughout the student life cycle.
  • Other duties as assigned.  

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree with a focus in Business, Education, Psychology, or Communications related
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience counseling/advising, stellar customer service and/or sales concierge service, management of large customer base.
  • Two years of experience for every year of formal education required. (Applies to internal employees only)
  • Technology: Knowledge and skills considered essential in using technology to assist individuals with understanding the online learning platform as well as career planning.
  • Cvue, SRM(SalesForce), CampusLogic, Brightspace
  • Proficient with Microsoft  Office and/or Google Apps for Work
  • Ability to provide advice on academic, organization and university policies and processes to include funding. Ability to understand programs of study, university policies, online platform, student services, and academic organization.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, good listener, interpersonal skills, time management, organizational, problem solving/decision making.
  • Conflict resolution, ability to de-escalate student issues.
  • Understanding the nuances of FERPA guidance and regulations.
  • Analyze the student dashboard and reports to optimize student experience and outcomes.
  • Objectively consider issues, identify alternatives, and choose and implement solutions to best support the student.
  • In-depth knowledge of online education platforms.
  • Identify and understand the student's career decision-making processes.
  • Customize the student experience.
  • A self-motivated, strong work ethic, go-getter, results-oriented, resilient, compassionate, patient and persuasive, flexible, passionate, ability to multitask, and detail-oriented.
  • All interested candidates for this position who do not have a degree must enroll in a degree-seeking program and maintain good standing with any student loan debt.  


Kaplan is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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