We are currently looking for a Product Manager – Agent Success to join a growing international team. This position will be based at the Montreal headquarters or in Vancouver, according to the applications received.

The LCI Education network has 23 higher education campuses and some 2500 employees that educate more than 15,000 students from around the world, each year. From country to country, LCI Education promotes program harmonization , allowing for more flexibility, better control over the quality of its services and a deeper respect for the various cultures represented.


The Product Manager – Agent Success guarantees the success of the agents affiliated with the LCI Education network. He will possess an integral view of the relationships that agents maintain and of their experience with our organization. He will keep in mind the various points of contact and the different components of the total experience, which has an impact on their loyalty.

The Product Manager – Agent Success relies on several tools in order to excel in his duties, especially a dedicated portal that allows agents to perform on-line follow-up of their student application files, to find out more about our programs and, ultimately, remain informed about what happens on our campuses.

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