The President is responsible for the leadership and general management of the affairs of the company’s Latin America operations in accordance with the policies and strategy established. To that end, the President provides and articulates a vision that is congruent with the organization’s mission and goals in furthering its educational standards.


Strategic Planning

In collaboration with senior management, the President provides direction in establishing and implementing a long-term strategic plan for the region.


Works closely with the CEO of and the Presidents / CEO’s of the company’s other international institutions and the Vice-President Latin America to ensure a common vision and that Latin America is contributing to the overall mission of the organisation.
Provides leadership to the employees of the region in order to capitalize on their full potential. Stimulates, motivates, guides and directs all those employees to work cohesively to contribute to the realization of the organisation’s mission and mandate;
Instills a culture of leadership and ensures succession plans are developed and proactively managed to ensure continuity of leadership.

Policies and Programs

Continually evaluates the methods of program delivery to ensure they are meeting the needs of the community as well as applicable regulatory bodies. Ensures program delivery is consistent with the goals established in the Strategic and Education Plans;
Is accountable to the Board for meeting the strategic and operating objectives established for the region. Ensures that the quality of the teaching programs, support services, education and professional development meet standards established and that all programs operate within approved budgets.

Relationships with Stakeholders

Working with other members of the community, actively promotes the region’s role, aspirations and interests to the community at large, and develops effective relationships with all agencies, organizations and institutions sharing common interests with the institutions.

Financial and Administrative Management

Oversees the sound utilization of financial administrative systems and ensures the maximum utilization of the financial resources of the institutions within the objectives, policies, plans and budgets established.




The ideal candidate will be a respected leader who understands the mission and role of our institutions with a network of outstanding relationships throughout the community;
The selected candidate will have a commitment to innovation and excellence in the post-secondary sector and will possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He or she will function comfortably within an environment requiring change management initiatives to ensure continued success in the future.

Specific Requirements

Has a Master’s degree combined with 20 years of experience;
Has a track record of success in forging connections and building strong collaborative relationships and strategic partnerships;
An expert communicator, with a track record of success in advocating for and championing an organization, including building reputation and profile. Has worked with senior government decision makers, the business community and other special interest groups to secure support of their institution;
A compelling speaker and advocate for student learning. Can engage with diverse audiences and translate complex ideas into accessible terms;
An effective decision-maker with excellent judgment who understands how to prioritize; how to allocate resources in a context of limited financial support; and how to create and implement procedures and practices that ensure mutual accountability involving faculty, staff, administration, students and all stakeholders;
Delivers results and holds people accountable;
Is adept at getting more done with limited resources;
An inspirational leader who can coalesce all members of an institution around a future vision. Has shown the ability to inspire trust, engage employees and facilitate communication and collaboration among constituent groups.

Personal Characteristics

Has a track record of building effective teams and surrounds themselves with very effective people;
Possesses strong interpersonal and listening skills;
Able to express views, ideas and facts effectively, both orally and in writing;
Has the ability to exercise a high level of diplomacy and discretion in both internal and external interactions;
Has an open door. Creates a safe environment for faculty and staff to communicate openly;
Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish;
Seldom gives up before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks;
Adapts and respects different cultures. Has a global perspective.

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