Job Title:PhD Tutor


Working Hours:Flexible 


Salary:Per task from £20-£100 dependent upon assignment


Overall Purpose of the Job:

Provide one-to-one essay tutorial / academic mentoring, guiding students to complete their research proposals / essays at university standard level (Masters / PhD)

The key tasks include but are not limited to:

Giving advice and suggestions on research topic / making sure it meets the PhD application standard level
Coaching and supporting students on their research proposal/ academic essay
Assisting with the preparation of reading lists and other material
Acting as a Personal Tutor (providing personalised academic advice to students).

Required Knowledge, Skills and Experiences:

PhD degree/ PhD student (at least year 2) in the following or related fields: Business, Accounting, Finance, HR Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship or Management
Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain concepts in a clear and understandable manner.
Sufficient knowledge of the discipline/topics under discussion.
Understanding of the basic principles of teaching, learning and progression that make up a PhD

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