iTEP International is the leader of on-demand, comprehensive English language testing and English language support services. The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) was introduced in 2008 to modernize English language assessment with on-demand scheduling, 24-hour grading, and accurate test data. iTEP provides a convenient and cost-effective testing option delivered in a highly secure environment. iTEP International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

iTEP offers a variety of English language exams used by universities and secondary schools for both admissions and on-campus ESL assessment. More than 800 colleges, universities, middle/high schools, and boarding schools in the USA and Canada accept iTEP results for admissions. Prospective students can take an iTEP exam at more than 500 test centers in 61 countries.

iTEP also offers a range of professional exams used by companies and governments around the world for English language fluency assessment when making hiring and promotion decisions. Examples include the iTEP Hospitality Exam, the iTEP Certificate Exams, and the iTEP Business Exam. 

iTEP further offers an array of English language support services. This includes online and in-person test preparation courses, online and in-person English language training programs, e-newsletters, and English language support products and services available through iTEP’s website.

iTEP is looking to hire a Manager of Marketing and Online Sales. This position is responsible overall for promoting and marketing the iTEP brand world-wide and specifically tasked with promoting, generating, and managing sales for iTEPs array of online testing and language support services.  

Duties include:

1.    Promoting, generating, and managing sales of iTEP’s online testing.

2.    Promoting, generating, and managing sales of iTEP’s online test preparation courses.

3.    Promoting, generating, and managing sales of iTEP’s online language support services.

4.    Developing and managing iTEP’s social media and external communication flow.  

5.    Developing and managing iTEP’s marketing and publications.

6.    Developing and managing iTEP’s webpage including content, design, and SEO.

7.    Developing training materials to support iTEP’s distributors and global partners.

8.    Providing support to the other areas of iTEP International – Academics, Technology,              Operations.

9.    Other duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications:

Minimum of three years’ experience in online sales.

Minimum of three years’ experience in online marketing.

Experience with developing and managing social media campaigns.

Experience with webpage development and SEO.

Experience with Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Trello, and other related marketing software.

Ability to articulate and communicate clearly within an education environment.

Ability to guide successfully multiple projects.

Ability to operate and communicate effectively on multiple online platforms.

Ability to produce well-written reports in a timely manner.

Bachelor’s degree or higher.


Preferred Qualifications:

Background in English language testing.

Strong background in educational sales

Experience in publications design.

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