Director Education and English (Portfolio Lead)

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced professional who is well-versed in the field of Education to take on the post of Director Education and English (Portfolio Lead).

You will be thrilled to find yourself leading, developing and delivering a balanced portfolio of high profile and complex partnerships, programmes and contracts across mixed funding streams and business models across the region. The portfolio has a current annual turnover of approximately 20m; 6m EES, 4m IES, 9m grant-in-aid and partnership income and 2m contracts (excluding China).

The primary focus of this role is to drive the Education and English portfolio forward ensuring programmes and contracts are well-designed using appropriate business models and marketing strategies and winning new business and partnerships. You will be required to demonstrate in-house and associated sector strengths, lead regional sector development thinking and strategy development, both internally and externally with a specific focus on IHE and English.

You will have the fantastic opportunity of leading an exciting portfolio with an established track record and building a new strategy for 2025. You will get to shape new initiatives and build a technical cadre of specialists while building a strategic partnership and engagement with the UK sector.

You will be an esteemed member of the regional E&S Senior Leadership Team and you will set your hands on leading a large dispersed team across the region.

You should bring along a First Degree (preferably with MA in Education in addition) and management / leadership qualification. You need to demonstrate proven sector knowledge in IHE. You should have proven experience of business development (range of different business models from BtB to BtG to BtD, client management strategies, designing and developing proposals etc), and delivery for a range of clients and partners, with specific focus on Ministries of Education, EU and DfID. Proven experience of developing and managing a range of strategic and financial partnerships is also essential. Analyzing complex data and writing academic and policy related reports and speaking at events should be your forte.

Beyond all of that, you will enjoy operating in highly ambiguous strategic context and maintaining a systematic and integrated approach. You should also have a natural flair in influencing senior internal and external stakeholders.


At the British Council, we value equality, diversity and inclusion; we value our staff even more.
We believe in the quality of work you can bring to the table without rigid working hours and we work on a 37.5-hour work week.
You will find yourself having the opportunity to sit with various departments in office because we hot-desk!
Last but not least, the rest of the standard corporate benefits will apply.


If this sounds like what you are looking for, apply today – or before we close this on Sunday 20th January 2019 (UK Time 23:59).

To apply or for more information, please visit the link-

We are funded through a mix of Government grant and earned income, which enables us to scale our impact and best serve our UK stakeholders and those we engage with. Our business model is to lead surplus generating business in English and our multi-million-dollar Exams business and growing self-sustaining and partnership-driven programmes in Education, Society and Arts fields. We are increasingly focused on generating maximum impact with our audiences with minimum draw on UK government funds. The balance of programmes, products and services that we offer, and the scale of businesses that we operate in each country, varies in response to the specific markets of this diverse region. Increasingly, we are working across countries and business fields, to maximise impact and the return on investment.

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