Admissions Manager

Full-time, year-round to start February or March 2021.

Bishopstrow College is seeking to appoint a highly capable Admissions Manager.  The successful candidate will have overall responsibility for managing and supporting the College’s admissions process at Bishopstrow College and will work closely with the Director of Global Engagement, Director and Principal.  S/He will report directly to the Director of Global Engagement.

This is an exciting time in the College’s development.  Having acquired the College in August 2014, the Directors have continued to develop Bishopstrow, and have further ambitious plans for growth, both on the existing site and beyond, including other potential sites in the UK, with Padworth College acquired in October 2018.  The College currently enrols up to 80 students each term, but with the opening of a new classroom building in September 2014 and the addition of new boarding capacity, there is now scope to enrol more than 90 students per term.  In addition, there is planning permission to build a new boarding house and activity hall.

Growth is expected to come from both the College’s existing key source markets, plus new markets, underpinned by the development of existing and new agent relationships, the development of relationships with destination schools in the UK, partnerships with schools overseas and a growing number of direct applications. 

The newly appointed Admissions Manager will bring energy and initiative, playing a key role in helping the College achieve its development objectives and the delivery of the Strategic Plan.

The post calls for a high level of customer service and/or relevant experience, an understanding of the world of independent education and excellent communication skills in dealing with people for whom English is not their first language.

About Bishopstrow

Established in 2006, Bishopstrow College is a leading, independent, International Boarding School, offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry into top boarding schools in the UK and overseas.

The College operates as a traditional British boarding school, but with an innovative four-term academic year, with students enrolling in September, January, March and June.  A fifth start date is also available in July.  Students can enrol at the start of any term and are prepared as quickly as possible – in as little as one term and up to a year – until they are ready for entry into their mainstream school.  All of the College’s students come from overseas, with China, Russia, Thailand and Japan being the key source markets currently.

The College’s programmes revolve around English language and academic preparation.  Students normally progress to some of the UK’s leading boarding schools.  Teaching Partnerships, validated by UKVI are currently in place with c.100 of these schools.

The College is set in 8 acres of beautiful grounds, with extensive gardens and playing fields, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, yet only a 25-minute drive from the UNESECO World Heritage City of Bath.

Bishopstrow benefits from being part of Inspiring Futures Education, a group of two international schools.

Job Description

Reporting To: Director of Global Engagement

Responsible For: Helping secure the admission of the appropriate number, nationality and calibre of students to the College.  The Admissions Manager will liaise closely with the Director of Global Engagement (who oversees international student recruitment at both Bishopstrow College and Padworth College) to maximise the number of students enrolling at the College.  S/He will also work closely with the team of International Recruitment Officers (IROs) located in key regions overseas.  IROs are responsible for international student recruitment for both colleges.

Duties and Responsibilities

The list of the main duties below is an outline of the areas of responsibility.

1.       Admissions

  • Manage and implement efficient and effective admissions procedures to provide an approachable and welcoming response service to enquiries concerning student admissions and ensuring all enquiries are followed up in accordance with agreed procedures and timescales, usually within 24 hours.
  • Process applications beyond the enquiry stage – Registration Form, School Report, Character Reference – including arrangements for ‘taster days’ (sleepovers and short stays).
  • Prepare all relevant information for Skype interviews and schedule interviews with the Principal or Director of Studies.
  • Ensure all entrance examinations (e.g., Password online English and Mathematics assessments) are invigilated according to College policy by co-ordinating with agent / applicant’s family.
  • Review results of Skype interview and Password entrance assessment (where appropriate) and assist the Principal with the process of making offers.  Send out offer documentation, maintain records of responses and regularly update the Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Boarding on documentation received.
  • Initiate appropriate follow-up in relation to offer documentation.  Update and distribute Welcome Packs (e.g., Medical Form, Uniform Sizing Form, Parent Handbook and Student Handbook etc.
  • Keep the College’s CRM and Admissions database (Salesforce) up-to-date, ensuring that all stages of the admissions process from initial enquiry to offer, including the results of Skype interviews and entrance assessments (where applicable), contact information, agent tracking and where relevant, withdrawals, are entered into the database.
  • Regularly upload details of any new starters onto the College’s MIS, Engage.  Ensure details of any new starters are updated as appropriate.
  • Work closely with the Director of Studies to keep up-to-date with the balance of entrants (by Programme, Gender and Nationality) with a focus on ensuring a diversified mix of nationalities enrolled at the College at all times.
  • Inform the Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Boarding (where applicable) concerning all the administrative aspects of the registration of new students, their allocation to the College’s Programmes and for the handling of subsequent enquiries related to their admission, up to the point of their arrival.
  • Manage the weekly Enrolment Pipeline process and maintain a regular analysis of admissions statistics and trends.  Collate and present to the Director, Principal and Director of Global Engagement, detailed data on current and projected student numbers by Programme, term etc.
  • Compile and update student and attendance records.
  • Liaise with Wiltshire Council regarding student joiners and leavers.
  • Oversee and log transportation arrangements for all students at the start and end of term.  Book transportation to and from the college where required. 
  • Ensure admissions procedures remain compliant in line with guidance from ISI, British Council and UKVI.

2.       UKVI

Note that training will be provided here, if required.

  • Manage the visa process for all incoming and current EU and non-EU students, including full responsibility for all record keeping, including student immigration files and all student tracking any reportable events and reporting these to UKVI as outlined in UKVI’s guidance.
  • Issue Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies and any supporting paperwork for Visitor Visa applications.
  • Manage process relating to issuance of Student Child Visas, including those Student Child visas issued under a Teaching Partnership.
  • Manage process relating to BRPs, including collecting BRPs from Bath Post Office and distributing to students.
  • Track all relevant information on Salesforce and Engage.
  • Maintain SMS and other records required by UKVI.
  • Monitor College’s position relative to key compliance metrics – e.g., Refusal Rate, Completion Rate.
  • Prepare for annual UKVI Basic Compliance Assessment.
  • Attend regular training relating to Tier 4.

3.       Marketing and Communication

  • Maintain the agent database on Salesforce and Engage (as appropriate), ensuring all information is updated on a regular basis.
  • Supervise the collation and fulfilment of prospectus requests and other promotional literature.
  • Update admissions information (e.g., Fees, Term Dates etc.) that form part of the inserts for the College’s prospectus.
  • Contribute generally to the positive promotion and marketing of the College.
  • Take an active role in the College’s communication with agents, guardians, parents, students and destination/partner schools, in relation to the admissions process (beyond the enquiry stage) and whilst a student is enrolled at the College, supporting the Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Boarding, as appropriate.
  • Oversee the College’s relationships with providers of guardianship services and individual guardians.

4.       Recruitment Support

Working closely with the student recruitment team, the Admissions Manager will provide a range of administration support duties.

  • Provide an effective service for primary enquiries or indeed supplementary administration calls/follow-up.
  • Organise visits to the College by prospective students, parents and agents.
  • Support the recruitment team and colleagues with campus tours and follow-up meetings with prospective students, parents and agents. 
  • Be actively involved in the annual Bishopstrow Partner Conference “FAM Trip” for agents and partners.
  • Work with colleagues overseas in developing market intelligence resources, agent information and contracts.
  • Provide support and cover for travelling colleagues and maintain accurate records on the CRM (Salesforce).
  • Undertake conversion activity of prospective students and parents through discussion and the provision of education advice.  Utilise Salesforce to record activity and improve communication strategies.
  • Develop strong relationships with destination schools, supporting the Director, Director of Global Engagement and Principal.  Update destination schools on key developments at Bishopstrow.

5.       General

  • Keep in touch with admissions trends, developments and issues, including through liaison with admissions staff in other boarding schools.
  • Undertake such other duties as are required from time-to-time by the Director of Global Engagement, Directors and Principal within the general frame of the appointment.  For example, this may include providing cover for the boarding team, as and when appropriate.


This Job Description is not to be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive and, will be amended from time to time, in the light of the changing needs of the College.  

All College staff are expected to:

  • Regularly review own practice, set personal development targets and take responsibility for own continuous professional development.
  • Support and contribute to the College’s responsibility for safeguarding students.
  • Work towards and support the College vision and objectives.
  • Carry out the work of the College to the best of their ability, displaying initiative and enthusiasm.
  • Support colleagues and their work.
  • Maintain high professional standards of attendance, punctuality, appearance, conduct and positive, courteous relations with students, guardians, parents, agents and colleagues.
  • Work within the College’s health and safety policy to ensure a safe working environment for all staff, students and visitors.
  • Adhere to Bishopstrow College’s policies.





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