Bucksmore Education is a leading provider of academic short courses for international students of all ages. Established in 1979, Bucksmore has grown rapidly in the past few years, and in 2019 we welcomed 3000 students from over 75 countries across the world.

The Bucksmore head office team is based in Greenwich and is divided into two departments: commercial and operations. From January 2020, we are recruiting for a new Head of Operations to manage the operations department. The role oversees the delivery of all products across the three Bucksmore business divisions: international summer programmes; bespoke group programmes for Chinese schools & universities; and year-round home tuition programmes.

This is a senior management position within Bucksmore Education, answering directly to the Managing Director and managing a team of 5-6 full-time staff depending on the time of year. It is a key role within Bucksmore, and the post holder will be expected to work alongside the Bucksmore Commercial Manager to deliver short-term annual targets as well as contributing to the continuing long-term strategic growth of the company.

The majority of Bucksmore programmes are delivered in July and August, and the period building up to the summer will involve oversight and quality control of all operations, from temporary staff recruitment to relationships with host colleges and production of academic material. During the summer months, the post holder will have overall management of 14 UK locations and a new site in New York. These are extremely busy months and it requires a highly motivated, independent individual to manage both the year-round team and the temporary centre management staff running the summer schools.

After the summer, the Head of Operations will lead on post-summer analysis and programme design for the following year, working with the Commercial Manager and Managing Director to define strategy and targets.

Throughout the year, the post holder will also be responsible for the delivery of home tuition programmes through Bucksmore Homelingua, and the delivery of any pop-up off-season bespoke courses designed for our partners in China or other countries.

Quality control and operational oversight of programme delivery must also be combined with strong financial control and budget management to meet annual targets. The position oversees expenditure of a multi-million pound operational budget, and the post holder will be required to work closely with the Managing Director to ensure all targets are met whilst never compromising on the quality of our programmes.

Bucksmore is part of the large Oxford International Education Group, which consists of multiple education companies across the UK, USA, and Canada. Bucksmore sits within the Schools & Colleges division, working very closely with our high schools in Oxford. Bucksmore operates the summer schools for both d’Overbroeck’s and Oxford International College (OIC), and we also work very closely with the English Language division of OIEG. The post-holder must ensure smooth inter-company cooperation, and coordinate regularly with central departments within OIEG including HR, sales, and marketing.

This is a demanding position, but also a fantastic opportunity to lead on the international expansion of a renowned, award-winning education company with a young, dynamic team. It is likely that the successful candidate will have managed residential junior programmes before and be passionate about delivering high-quality education products.

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