Oscars International is now part of the City Education Group.


City Education Group represents four distinct colleges across the educational spectrum, from second level through third level professional and QQI courses to CPD and English language teaching.


All colleges have an established record of delivering high quality learning experiences to students, enabling the achievement of educational and career goals across a broad spectrum of subjects.


Oscars International is currently seeking a Centre Manager for its college in Dublin.


Centre Manager


Job Description

The Centre Manager CM is responsible for the overall running and day-to-day operations of the school. They ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the school and are reported to by both Academic and Operational Staff, as well as teachers, activity leaders and other external service providers.

The CM has overall responsibility for all staff and facilities within in the school, including the hiring and training of staff, health and safety, safeguarding and other compliance and liaison with all service providers contracted to aid the day-to-day running of the school. The Director of Studies reports directly to the CM for matters and issue arising within the Academic Provision of the school. Likewise, the Student Services Officer reports directly for Operational and Facility issues arising in the school.

Key Responsibilities

·      Point of contact for all staff and students in the school

·      Ensuring maintenance of all facilities and services within the school

·      Reporting to Board of Directors on budgetary and statutory matters

·      Overseeing the recruitment, hiring and training of both teaching staff and activity staff by the Director of Studies and Student Experience Officer

·      Ensuring the school meets its statutory obligations in regard to Health & Safety, Student Care, Educational and Dept. Of Justice requirements

·      Maintaining the educational and IT resources throughout the school

·      Ensuring CPD and other training of all staff in liaison with the Academic Director

·      Liaising with 3rd party and external stakeholders via reports, written correspondence and professional conferences



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