- To oversee all academic programmes run by the College
- To ensure that customer service and quality assurance are of a high standard
- To assist in marketing and promoting the College to prospective students

- To recruit new students, meeting them as required to assess their language competencies and place them at the appropriate level following enrolment
- To recruit and induct new academic staff
- To manage all issues relating to student discipline
- To prepare timetables
- To arrange a social programme
- To prepare time-sheets and arrange salary payments for all academic staff
- To monitor the quality of learning and teaching through regular lesson observations
- To conduct staff appraisals and take appropriate action
- To hold regular teachers meetings
- To provide emergency teaching cover
- To teach as and when required
- To provide the College with the most appropriate teaching resources, meeting publishers representatives and conducting research into new study materials.

You should:
* Participate in arrangements for the appraisal of your own performance.
* Review from time to time your own methods of working.
* Participate in further training and professional development, including training which aims to meet needs identified in appraisal objectives or statements.
You have a responsibility to participate in meetings which relate to the administration or organisation of the College.

- demonstrate an ability to plan strategically and evaluate outcomes;
- show a proven ability to develop the College to achieve positive outcomes in terms of student attainment, the number of students on roll and business revenue;
- have clear ideas on how to innovate within the market place, identifying new business opportunities and developing them successfully;
- demonstrate understanding of how to encourage a positive ethos within the College, motivating colleagues by personal example;
- have a proven track-record of teacher training;
- be interpersonally competent, enjoying positive professional relations with students and colleagues;
- work efficiently, knowing how to use IT and social media to maximum effect;
- possess a smart, businesslike personal profile.
We welcome applications from younger, highly-motivated candidates as well as older, more experienced candidates with an established track-record of success.
The successful candidate will have:
- a university degree
- TEFLQ qualifications


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