Job Title:International Marketing Manager  
Department: International Marketing & Communications 
Reports to: Director of International Marketing & Communications 
Location: Dubai 

The postholder is responsible for successfully implementing St. George's University (SGU) marketing and communications strategy and plans in our top priority international markets, including overseeing marketing agencies, to ensure that SGU’s regional recruitment teams can meet and exceed their student recruitment targets, in the allocated regions of responsibility. 

The following section outlines a more detailed, but not exhaustive, description of the duties pertinent to this post.  

Key responsibilities and capabilities 

  • ​To oversee and manage SGU’s marketing agencies in the allocated regions (digital marketing, PR, print and distribution);
  • To effectively implement regional marketing plans and to contribute to the development of regional marketing strategy;
  • As part of the above, to execute agreed marketing plans & activities for all relevant partnership programs and summer courses and academies in the regions of responsibility;
  • Take part in developing marketing plans and pitches for any new partnerships in the region that SGU might consider entering, supporting the negotiations through market research and customer insight;
  • To liaise with SGU’s regional recruitment teams in the regions of responsibility and ensure they are well-informed of all planned marketing activities in the country, and to obtain their feedback on the marketing activities planned and delivered;
  • To lead on production of region- and market- specific publications and materials, including organising the print and distribution of these materials to SGU’s recruitment teams and relevant B2B partners, and ensure all SGU’s microsites and landing pages in the region of responsibility are up-to-date;
  • To develop and manage a monthly newsletters for the region to ensure SGU’s leads, agents and school partners in the region are well-informed and have attractive ‘talking points’ to share;
  • To support promotion of information sessions and other recruitment events for SGU’s programs in the region;
  • To monitor SGU’s perceived competitors in the region(s), online and offline, and to submit actionable recommendations and insights to Director of International Marketing & Communications on a monthly basis;
  • To monitor the perceptions, needs, and preferences of SGU’s target markets in the region of responsibility, and report on any changes in these and any new insights on a quarterly basis; this includes overseeing all customer surveys and market research;
  • To oversee SGU’s marketing budget for the region, ensuring cost efficiency and that the monthly budget stays within the agreed limits, and be responsible for chasing, double-checking, accurately coding, and timely submitting all marketing invoices;
  • To build strong relationships within the international marketing team, working collaboratively with other team members on regional and international initiatives and contributing to the team’s success and development;
  • To work with the US marketing team on projects as required, and proactively contribute to developing the international marketing team’s good relationship with that team;
  • To follow all marketing and communications policies and procedures including SGU Brand Guide, as well as all relevant company policies and procedures, and ensure that SGU’s marketing activities in India are fully compliant with national and local rules and regulations;
  • To participate in meetings, planning sessions, events, and other activities of the international marketing team and the international recruitment team as appropriate. 

Performance Measures 

  • Increase SGU’s brand presence and awareness in the regions of responsibility
  • Meet the target number of qualified leads for different SGU programs (preclinical, MD4, partnerships) 
  • Build strong, positive relationships with all key stakeholders, internal and external  

Person Specification 

  • Fluent in English (written and oral), with strong marketing copywriting and proofreading skills
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role, with a strong track record of success
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and experience of dealing directly with a wide variety of stakeholders 
  • Degree in Marketing, or in Business/Sales with a professional qualification in Marketing 
  • Experience of planning, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns and activities   
  • Experience of working within an international multi-site environment, communicating with offices around the world 
  • Able to work independently and as a team player, with a high level of initiative
  • Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and thrive under pressure; results-orientated 
  • A friendly, professional manner and appearance  


  • Knowledge of International Education and Study Abroad industry
  • Experience working in, or supporting Sales Recruitment activities (agent and school channels) 

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