AMOS SPORT BUSINESS SCHOOL is the first French Business School specialised in Sport Management; from an Undergraduate Bachelor to a Postgraduate Master of Business in Sport.

AMOS SPORT BUSINESS SCHOOL has campuses in France and one international campus in London with strong university partnerships worldwide. AMOS SPORT BUSINESS SCHOOL trains managers, sales agents, and highly skilled entrepreneurs in all the areas of Sport Business.

AMOS SPORT BUSINESS SCHOOL aims at being the reference and the interlocutor of the sporting movement and of the sport industry. 


Within the campus of AMOS LONDON, your missions as Communications and Events Officer are:

  • Propose an annual external communications plan.
  • Propose an annual internal communications plan with the following objectives: to develop a sense of belonging to the campus for all students, to streamline the flow of information, to
    create happiness, to be a player in customer satisfaction, to contribute to the loyalty of our clients (strength of proposal and innovation);
  • Manage the editorial planning in connection with the Marketing Group (strength of proposal and innovation).
  • Deploy this communication plan in compliance with budgets.
  • Animate the campus social network accounts and contribute to the development of relevant communication tools.
  • Value our professionalisation actions (internships, student experiences), and all the events we organise as well as the different study trips that our students live abroad.
  • Participate in the promotion of the international training products (liaising with the International Department)
  • Develop our network of partners and promote it through communication and targeted actions.
  • Develop relations with the media: management of press relations, writing of press releases, interviews
  • Promote the image of the school and develop the Public Relations section with targeted interlocutors.
  • Establish and animate a team of student ambassadors to support external events (fairs, forums, etc.) and enhance the life experience within the campus (definition of objectives, missions, event planning, feedback).
  • Participate in the promotion of our training products in-house (organization of information meetings within classes to present the year N + 1 in connection with pedagogy, the choices available to our students on the international programmes
  • Develop the internal communication of the school: proposing and creating relevant communication media (newsletters, web news, videos, photo reports ...) to streamline internal communications, value our students, the pedagogy, the lecturers, alumni’s etc.
  • Manage school associations (student associations, Alumni) and relay their activities through internal / external communications.
  • Manage the organisation of the campus’ internal / external events (inauguration-Gala, master classes, Networking, conferences, etc.): planning management, logistics, operational and communication aspects before, during and after the event.
  • Value these events through internal and external communication plans.
  • Promote and involve our network partners
  • Manage participation in campus fairs (logistics, stand management, promotion for creating traffic on events, face to face, buzz, training of student teams in their role as ambassador).
  • Develop the reporting culture on actions taken and returns on investment and propose comceivable corrective measures.

25% of the time will be dedicated to working with the International department of the ACE Education Group, based in Paris.


  • Bachelor’s degree or degree-level equivalent (Communications, Marketing)
  • Minimum 2 years' experience on similar functions
  • Mastering of print and digital communication tools
  • Solid communcations skills both writtend and verbal
  • Good community management skills
  • Must master the following software: InDesign, PowerPoint
  • Video editing desirable
  • Excellent English written and spoken, and good spoken French (must be able to work in a French environment - Head Office is in Paris).


  • Autonomy
  • Source of proposals
  • Ability to innovate
  • Sense of organisation
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • Results and solutions oriented

Full-time position
Location: South-East London (Zone2)

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