Best Parents is a new online summer camp marketplace agency based in Silicon Valley looking for an experienced, competent and personable Senior Sales Manager to lead and grow online and on-site summer camp sales for students in the EU, India and UAE.

Attributes we desire our Sales Manager have:

A minimum of 5 years experience in the international education market for young learners.
Knows established providers of online and on-site summer camps in the UK, Switzerland and European countries very well.
Can also perform as a senior sales director who can create an up to date catalog for European Union, Indian and UAE students. Our Sales Manager knows these students’ and parents' needs and reactions very well. 
Is an educated person who is fond of young learners’ education. 
Is a visionary leader for our sales team who can also create wonderful FAQs for our website very well. 
Interested in Ed Tech and is enthused about working remotely with the latest tools.
Will have a nice connection database and a wide-ranging network with institutions, course suppliers.

On the job our Sales Manager will be responsible to:

Set and exceed ambitious sales targets without compromising on quality or customer experience.
Direct and grow the sales team who are working remotely for Europe, UAE and India.
Make informed and data-driven strategic decisions about marketing and content with the marketing team. Tracking students' and parents' comments, our sales manager will inform the tech team to make additions and subtractions from the catalog that drive student satisfaction and Best Parents’ bottom line.
Coordinate with suppliers to assure Best Parents has availability of the courses we offer. 


Preferably speaks at least 2 languages but fluency in English is a must. Working with our content team will require the ability to organize and deliver very detailed information and descriptions.
Have at least a Bachelor's Degree, preferably a Masters Degree as well, from prestigious universities. 
We prefer that our Sales Manager be a parent. 

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