The INTO Manchester Centre offers a broad range of university preparation courses, to help international students progress to some of the best universities across the UK, in particular offering progression to one of NCUK’s partner universities, including The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Durham University and The University of Leeds.


There are progression options to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as English language courses for either academic or general purposes.


The Centre's facilities have been designed students in mind, with well-equipped classrooms and multimedia resources, giving students everything they need to study and socialise in one location. Our academic programmes are taught in a similar way to what students experience at university and our English language classes are taught in an interactive, inclusive classroom environment to help build students language skills through classroom participation.


We are seeking an Academic Director to join us, reporting to the Centre Director. As Academic Director, you will have overall responsibility for all aspects of academic quality and teaching delivery, including the effective management and development of teaching and resource, excellent student experience and motivational staff leadership.  There will be a substantial liaison function with external and internal stakeholders, in particular with staff within our University partners, The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and our awarding organisation, NCUK.


Teaching and Resource

  • Develop, lead and co-ordinate teaching programmes and teaching resource in the most efficient and effective way (particularly with reference to curriculum review, timetabling, assessments and staff deployment) with an understanding of the centre’s commercial targets, the maximising of student progression in particular to our University partners, and optimum student satisfaction levels.
  • Lead on accreditation by external bodies such as The Quality Assurance Agency and The British Council.
  • Lead on validation and accreditation processes.
  • Manage the curriculum review and the quality assurance for all programmes.
  • In conjunction with senior academic team ensure that content subjects and English language learning are fully integrated, and regularly review this integration.
  • Encourage the development and use of VLE and other learning technologies.
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of examination scheduling, invigilation, exam assessments and the production of academic reports and ensure these are delivered in the most effective and efficient way to the required quality standards (in liaison with the academic services team).
  • Be responsible for the delivery of effective academic administration support in collaboration with the academic services team.
  • Plan effectively to ensure the continuous improvement of academic systems and processes.
  • Lead the development of new academic programmes in line with market needs.
  • Be responsible for the student disciplinary procedures.

People Management

  • Line manage group of Programme Managers, lead, inspire and motivate staff to deliver high quality performance in all areas.
  • Lead the recruitment, induction, development and performance management of teaching and academic and support staff.
  • Develop, communicate and implement key policies and decisions.
  • Provide staff with on-going support and guidance with regard to programme goals, curriculum, materials and methodology.
  • Conduct class observation and provide feedback.
  • Promote a collaborative working environment to maintain and enhance the quality of the student learning experience and the overall teaching-learning environment.
  • Be responsible for academic policy, priorities and objectives.

Student Experience

  • Ensure that students are adequately prepared to pursue their chosen career or University course.
  • Ensure appropriate guidance and support is given to students regarding their academic choices.
  • Develop and monitor effective student feedback systems to inform review processes.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure that processes and systems are in place to track, record and report on students’ progress and attendance, to support the decision making process.
  • Monitor and review pastoral and academic support for all the students and ensure we meet the agreed service standards.
  • Contribute to, and lead academically, the overall management of student expectations to achieve the highest possible student satisfaction.


  • Provide the centre director with timely advice on all academic matters in light of commercial imperatives and financial targets.
  • Be part of the Centre’s Safeguarding Board, as Deputy Safeguarding Lead.
  • Work with the Centre Director, Head of Student Services and Assistant Director, Recruitment to monitor the processes of recruitment, admissions and induction of students against the agreed targets and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Be responsible for budget management for the centre’s academic resource, as required.
  • Liaise with all relevant stakeholders in relation to all academic issues.


Location: The INTO Manchester Study Centre is located in Bridgewater House, an impressive Edwardian building, right in the heart of bustling Manchester. 


As part of our Safeguarding procedures, applicants are asked to note that: 

  • references will be followed up;
  • all gaps in CVs must be explained satisfactorily;
  • proof of identity and (where applicable) qualifications will be required;
  • reference requests will ask specifically whether there is any reason that they should not be engaged in situations where they have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18;
  • appropriate suitability checks will be required prior to confirmation of appointment.

This role meets the requirements in respect of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.  All applicants who are offered employment will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Serviced check before the appointment is confirmed.  This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings as well as convictions.


We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.  We provide equality of opportunity to all people regardless of their religious belief, political opinion, sex, race, age, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, disability, or whether they have undergone, are undergoing or intend to undergo gender reassignment.

We do not discriminate against our job applicants or employees on any of the grounds listed above.  We select the best person for the job and all recruitment decisions will be made objectively.

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