REPORTS TO: Principal for Clubclass London
SALARY: £30,000 OTE

About Us:

Clubclass London is a new, modern English Language school based in Zone 1 in London.

Clubclass London is the sister school of Clubclass Malta and both schools aim to provide our students with a fun & focussed learning environment by providing our academic team with all the resources they need to deliver a very high quality academic program. Clubclass London has been in operation for nearly five years and in that time we have built a solid reputation in delivering quality education using all modern teaching tools & facilities. As a new school, we take pride in having successfully trialled several innovative marketing campaigns that have set

Clubclass London apart from its more established competitors in a tough & demanding market.


The London school is seeking an experienced Director of Studies with a strong academic and management background. This is a full time role with a salary of £30,000 OTE per annum (£25K + 5K bonus). Additional details about the generous package being offered will be provided to candidates selected for an interview.

Overall Duties: 

  • Design a growth plan for next 36 months and implement agreed version
  • Chair staff meetings
  • Assist in customer care as and when necessary
  • Ensure compliance with the UKVI visa regulations
  • Assist accounting team with the petty cash payments and ensure invoices are passed on to the accounts department and dealt with in an efficient and timely manner
  • Manage payroll, send all pay to London accountants and then on to Malta accounting team in a timely and efficient manner
  • Manage receptionist and teaching staff, liaise with ADoS
  • Maintain all accreditations
  • Review policies and procedures on a yearly or half yearly basis as required
  • Ensure premises are well maintained and liaise with relevant workmen to keep building up to accreditation/health and safety standard
  • Ensure maintenance is carried out on equipment as required
  • Participate in the growth and development of the school
  • Point out to board any deficiencies in the upkeep of the school in order for them to be addressed in a timely manner
  • Contribute in the Sales and Marketing efforts of the London school
  • Set targets and ensure set targets are achieved
  • Having emergency phone every 2nd week

Child Safeguarding and Prevent Duty:

  • Lead Child Protection Officer and Lead Prevent Officer
  • Ensure Child Safeguarding and Prevent policies and procedures are up-to-date, enforced and maintained
  • Chair staff meetings re Child Safeguarding and Prevent
  • Liaise with deputy/ies about day-to-day issues and feedback on policies and procedures

Academic Duties:

  • Analyse student and teacher feedback
  • Deal with student/teacher complaints
  • Overall monitoring of paperwork
  • Develop eLearning platform
  • Find holiday cover and/or cover when teachers are ill
  • CPD – conduct and participate in any professional training
  • Oversee and liaise with ADoS for day-to-day management of teachers and all aspects of teaching and learning at Clubclass
  • Conduct observations and appraisals of teachers and all other staff member at Clubclass London


  • Conduct placement and exit tests
  • Oversee student welfare
  • Accommodation Officer – manage accommodation of student while they are in the UK;
  • Monitor accommodation providers and ensure their policies are up-to-date and co

Person Specifications


  • Undergraduate degree
  • DELTA or equivalent
  • Extensive teaching experience (Adult & Junior courses)
  • Experience of teacher recruitment
  • Experience of academic management
  • Ability to demonstrate organisational and administrative skills
  • Experience of using interactive whiteboards


  • Knowledge of UKBA student visa regulations
  • Child safeguarding training
  • Safer recruitment training

To be considered, please upload your CV and a Cover Letter clearly explaining your interest and suitability for the role and availability to start.

We regret that, due to the volume of applications received, we will only contact you if your application is successful. Those candidates who have not reached the shortlist will not be contacted. 

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