This is a very dynamic and exciting role, which not only focusses on tutoring, and supporting other tutors, but also demands developing a sound commercial approach to providing quality services to our students, and their families. You will have demonstrable tutoring skills, and you will be able to support other tutors. You will also be able to understand the mission and values of the business, and keep these in mind when dealing with external stakeholders, as well as with students and families. Excellent communications skills are key to being successful in this role.

 Duties and Responsibilities

 ·         Act as a key representative of the business to all students and families alike, providing informed professional and courteous responses to external and internal enquiries. Be mindful of ensuring positive business outcomes for Libra Tutors at all times in terms of both reputation, and also profitability.

 ·         Build effective relationships with students, tutors and families as required, ensuring effective communication, and support at all times.

 ·         Build effective professional relationships internally within the business, as well as with commercial partners and external stakeholders.

 ·         Liaise effectively with schools, and academic institutions with regards to students, ensuring a holistic approach to tutoring where possible.

 ·         Make accurate assessments of students and recommend appropriate products to students and families. Record assessments appropriately, and ensure they follow Company guidelines.

 ·         Create relevant critical education pathways for tutors to follow with students. Ensure the pathways are documented and communicated appropriately.

 ·         Allocate tutor jobs accordingly ensuring effective liaison as appropriate.

 ·         Effectively manage and mentor tutors as they carry out their duties providing support as required. Carry out periodic reviews of tutor effectiveness ensuring that quality standards are met, and that any issues are resolved satisfactorily.

 ·         Plan, write and provide resources for lessons. Keep a repository of lesson plans and resources as appropriate.

 ·         Carry out tutoring sessions with students as and when required.

 ·         Maintain an open approach to the business and to varying duties and responsibilities in general at all times. This role is likely to undergo development, and therefore the role holder will be expected to remain open to utilising a wide variety of skills and resources in order to develop as the business grows.

 ·         Remain committed to self-improvement by conducting self-appraisals after all relevant external meetings, and assess strengths and weaknesses and address these accordingly. Demonstrate a commitment to improvement by maintaining and developing skills in line with emerging organisational needs.



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